About SW

The cornerstone of Sully Wong’s footwear and accessories has always been in the design, craftsmanship and quality materials. The minimalist style established a level of sophistication to the pieces with sleek tonal accents, straight edges, and geometric shapes. Their completed pieces were the ultimate blend of urban refinement, solid construction and classic silhouettes that will forever define the very essence of form meeting function.

About co-founder George Sully – All around designer and shoe enthusiast, George Sully is known as the first half of the dynamic duo known to the world as Sully Wong.  Stickler for details in the design process, Sully brings passion and the spirit that drives the teams creative energy.

About co-founder Henry Wong – Henry Wong makes up the other half of the Sully Wong duo. Originating from Hong Kong, Wong knows a thing or two about sneakers.  First an avid collector of rare special edition sneakers himself, he is also a connoisseur of  logistics, materials, and production.

On the Horizon…

With Success comes opportunity and there’s been no shortage of offers for the boys as of late. With all things SW settling down for the end of year calendar, things have only amped-up for both Sully and Wong equally via their personal endeavors making this a perfect time to explore outside the confines of the mighty SW. Sully explains…”In these times, diversification is key and our reach has given us the opportunity to expand our respective portfolios and truly explore what’s out there, we’re both excited.”

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